USA to Trump: "No thanks"

Donald Trump said he would not take vacations on his golf courses if elected. He also criticized President Obama for golfing during his presidency.


Guess what though? Andrew Restuccia writes in yesterday’s Politico ( that Trump has visited his own properties at least 99 times since taking office, including 77 stops at properties with golf courses. He’s at his exclusive golf resort at Mar-a-Lago for the holiday but the White House insists that he is not on vacation. (Then why go there and waste taxpayers' money, we ask.)


His chief sycophant, Kellyanne Conway, has vigorously defended Trump’s vacations, but associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones knows better. “His brain is vacant,” Jones reminded us, "and people with vacant brains naturally take a lot of vacations.”


ASR Jones also interviewed former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to ask him whether he gives thanks for having been fired by Trump. “Hell no, Johanna,” Priebus said, "and I know that none of Trump’s base thinks he has shown himself to be worthy of  their trust in him. They’re not thanking him at all."