Pence: "Regulations aren't in the Gospels, which is why there shouldn't be any federal regulations"

After reading Jane Meyer’s recent, extremely damning article in The New Yorker on former Indiana conservative talk show host Mike Pence, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones decided to confront Pence and grill him extensively about his dedication to repealing all regulations.


In her lengthy article, Meyer exposed Pence’s ties to the Koch Brothers as well as his close relationships with filthy rich leaders of corporations such as Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly.


“Regulations are not part of the Gospels,” the former Catholic, now a dedicated evangelical, said.


“That’s why I oppose any regulation that is not admired by my close personal friends the Koch Brothers — and I can assure you this hatred of regulations is very close to the hearts of Charles and David Koch.”


“I adore the Koch Brothers because they represent the best of America."


"There has not been a single regulation ever issued that either I or the Koch Brothers has liked.”


In Adam Cancryn’s article in yesterday’s Politico, “Pence’s health care power play: The vice president is driving a White House agenda dominated by the conservative, anti-regulatory policies he embraced as Indiana governor"(, Cancryn exposes us to the machinations of Donald Trump’s nominee to replace former Congressman Tom Price as head of Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services. 


Yesterday, Trump nominated former Indianapolis-based drug executive and longtime Pence supporter Alex Azar as his HHS Secretary.


“Once Azar is confirmed,” Trump told ASR Jones,  “I’m gonna tell him to lure John McCain to some God-forsaken place in the Arizona desert close to lotsa rattlesnakes.”


“Then Kelli Ward, a true conservative who loves me even more than I love making videos about my extensive knowledge of women’s physiognomies,” Trump continued, "can take either McCain’s seat in the Senate —  after Judge Roy Morse wins his special election on December 12 — or Kelli can easily win her campaign to replace Flake, a year from now.”


Jones went to her secret office in an undisclosed location in the White House, and wept.