LaPierre Is Thrilled About Sutherland Springs, But Mattis Is Miserable

Seems the Air Force coulda prevented Sunday’s mass shooting in Texas.


The gunman (he dead) was evidently p’d off at his mother-in-law, as reported this morning on NPR.


The shooter was violent long before he took the lives of 26 people in a small Baptist church in the small town of Sutherland Springs, Texas, about forty miles from San Antonio.


The shooter fired a mere 450 rounds inside the church ( A neighbor interrupted the shooting spree with his own rifle, which is why the NRA’s top gunslinger, Wayne LaPierre, is happy “because the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun."


The gunman had been court-marshalled from the Air Force after violently assaulting his then wife and child, but the Air Force forgot to report his nefarious actions to the national criminal data base, and if it had, the shooter would not have been allowed legally to buy the weapons he used on Sunday.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Defense Secretary James Mattis as he tearfully told Heather Wilson, Donald Trump’s Secretary of the Air Force, “I’m really sorry Heather, you are a very nice woman but I have to let you go because of this.”


Wilson said she understood.


But then Trump jumped all over Mattis and said, “Not so fast, Jimmy! Did you clear that with either LaPierre or with me?