Trump Vows to Fire Mueller Even If He Sends Tony Podesta to The Big Pen; Trumpite Tom Tancredo Running for Gov of Colorado Against Cary Kennedy

All Saints Day, 2017


In yesterday’s Politico, Anna Palmer and Theodoric Meyer wrote about Tony Podesta, the brother of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign manager, John Podesta. John Podesta was President Clinton’s Chief of Staff, and he was also Counselor to President Obama.


Their article is entitled “The sudden fall of Washington’s ultimate power broker” and the subtitle is “Tony Podesta personified D.C. influence and wealth for decades. Then along came Robert Mueller” (


John and Tony Podesta founded The Podesta Group in 1988. It represents American corporations and governments and it has always had close ties to the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration. It earned twenty-seven million dollars in lobbying fees in 2011. In 2007, Podesta Group Chairman Tony Podesta was ranked by his peers as the third most influential lobbyist in Washington.


Tony Podesta announced yesterday that he has left The Podesta Group amid reports that special counsel Robert Mueller might bring criminal charges against him and The Podesta Group. Mueller’s team is investigating work which Tony Podesta did on behalf of Paul Manafort for a Ukrainian nonprofit. Mueller’s indictment of Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, was unsealed yesterday. (We reported on October 29 that Manafort had fled to Moscow.)


Although GOP senators say that Trump is not going to fire Mueller, stranger things have happened (remember Watergate?). Trump has repeatedly called what Mueller is doing “a witch hunt."


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Trump early this morning as he tweeted, “Mueller, if you don’t send Tony Podesta to the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana (where Timothy McVeigh was executed) I’m gonna to fire you. But come to think of it, I’m gonna fire you anyway, so hurry up and quit."


In Colorado, fully credentialed Trumpite Tom Tancredo announced he is running for governor against Cary Kennedy, your solitary reporter’s choice for Gov on the Democratic side to succeed term-limited Gov. John Hickenlooper (who lives in the solitary reporter’s precinct) ( Tancredo, a Republican, represented Colorado's Sixth Congressional District in suburban Denver for ten years. In 2008, he ran for president of these here United States on a fierce anti-immigration platform. Tancredo also ran for governor of Colorado in 2014 as a candidate of the inconsequential Constitution Party and came in second, ahead of the Republican candidate. In January 2011, Tancredo re-registered as a Republican, saying it is “the only game in town.”


Tancredo is angry at Gov. Hickenlooper because under Hickenlooper’s brave leadership, the Colorado General Assembly passed meaningful gun control legislation. He is also angry at “Hick” because he granted a stay of execution for a multiple murderer.


Cary Kennedy is sure to win the Democratic primary for governor in June and will easily defeat either State Treasurer Walker Stapleton, a member of the Bush Clan, or Tancredo. When Cary Kennedy is elected governor of the Centennial State in 2018, she will become Colorado’s first woman governor. Colorado has never elected a female governor or US Senator, which just goes to show you, the Centennial State is very badly behind the times.