Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore Vows to Found the Roy Moore Theocratic Party After His Election to the Senate

GALLANT, ALABAMA — As the infamous Ten Commandments Judge, Roy Moore, prepares to defeat interim senator Luther Strange in Alabama’s GOP primary runoff on September 26, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith attended a Moore rally here in Gallant (also known as Greasy Cove), where Moore, twice removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for willful disregard of court orders, inveighed as usual against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky).


Ace Politico writers Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kim provide all the details (http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/18/mcconnell-enemy-gop-caucus-roy-moore-242773).


The only GOP senator unwilling to make a caustic comment about Moore was Ted Cruz (TP-Texas), the most disliked senator in Washington.


“Ah will do mah utmost to bring down Mitch McConnell as Mahjority Leadah!” Moore shouted at a rally at First Baptist Church of Gallant, in Etowah County, Alabama, where Moore and his family are members.


“After Ah defeats that Commie Democrat Doug Jones in December, Ah will retain mah membahship in the Republican Party in orda' to disrupt McConnell, but Ah will also be foundin’ the Roy Moore Theocratic Party ‘cause there ain’t gonna be no wall of separation between church an’ state once Ah gets to Washington.”


“Not only that, in mah inaugural speech in the Senate, Ah is gonna repeat jes egg-zackly what Ah said ressenly in mah campaign: “We have blacks and whites fightin’, reds and yellows fighting’, men and wimmin' fighting.’ Who’s gonna unite us? What’s gonna bring us back together? A president — hell no! an' bah the way, Obama was born in either Kenya or Indonesia, Ah forgits which.”


“Can Congress unite us? Nope, fo’ sure. It’s gonna be God, and Ah is God’s messenjah.”


“Which is why Ah is foundin’ the Roy Moore Theocratic Party.”


“Jerry Falwell Junior is raight here besides me and he is helpin’ me a heap and a bunch.”


“We is gonna be on the ballot in 2020 when God will ensure that Ah will become the next president of these here You-Nighted States!”


In Washington, McConnell’s wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, tried to calm her husband down by saying that as soon as Moore wins the runoff against Strange, she can guarantee his safety in flying to the US Virgin Islands so he can help rebuild that island territory after it was devastated by Hurricane Irma La Douce.