Trump Says He Will Allow Twelve Rohingya Refugees In; ASR Jones Is, Once Again, Tossed On the White House Lawn

Donald Trump, the grandson of immigrants, doesn’t like immigrants unless they accord with his xenophobic vision.


There are, however, exceptions: if the immigrant is a model from the Czech Republic or Slovenia, who likes him for his money, that’s ok, as long as she is totally subservient, for a while at least.


But if the immigrants come to the land of the free and the home of the brave from Mexico with no papers, he doesn’t like that.


On Tuesday, he won a victory in the Supreme Court, which upheld part of his Muslim travel ban without issuing a ruling on the merits.


But after a heartfelt talk with Melania, Trump told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, “Johanna, one of my most endearing qualities is my unpredictably.”


Jones nodded in vigorous agreement.


“I’ve been getting a lot of bad news coverage aboubt Muslims and Muslim refugees, so I’m gonna let a dozen Rohingya refugees from Burma and Bangladesh in, by executive fiat.”


“Obama, as usual, overstepped his authority by improving relations with Myanmar.”


“Out of the goodness of my heart, I got Scot Marciel confirmed as my ambassador to Myanmar, and he called me early this morning to say how critical the situation of the Rohingya is, in Rakhine State, in Burma, where the Rohingyas, who have been living there for centuries, are not even considered citizens, because they are Muslims, and they’ve been fleeing to Bangladesh by the thousands.”


“Come to think of it, Johanna, maybe I should issue an executive order, via Twitter, saying all Muslims in the United States, who were born here, or who somehow, under Obama, got themselves naturalized here, are no longer citizens."


“I’m letting twelve Royingha refugees in because Christ had twelve apostles.”


“Sir, where will you want the Rohingyas to be, once you let them in?”


“Oh, probably in the Burmese embassy, where they can do scullery work appropriate to their inferior station. That’s what Burma’s ambassador, Aung Lynn, told Tillerson a few minutes ago.”


“Mind you, I expect a lot of adulation for this strictly humanitarian act of kindness!”


But everything was upset when Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, who has offered the refugees temporary shelter and aid in her country, denounced Trump’s offer to admit twelve Rohingya refugees as “highly hypocritical. The only twelve that Trump cares about are his twelve billions.” 


We should also point out that after his dinner yesterday with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, he agreed to go soft for a little while on DACA and on his border wall (which Mexico was supposed to pay for, only they won’t), he got blasted by the Almighty Right for even talking to Schumer and Pelosi.


So Jones asked him, “Sir, wouldn’t you be a lot happier if you were to go back to Trump Tower, where you can once again run your Organization, and just resign and turn everything over to Pence?"


Trump’s response was swift, as Jones, once again, ended up on the White House lawn after being tossed out of a window in the Oval Office.


And Trump insists that Jones pay for the broken windows.