Bezos To Open Satellite Amazon HQ in Denver; ASR Lewis Thompson III Announces Run for Denver Mayor

Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s richest persons, needs a new satellite HQ.


As three crack Times reporters — Emily Badger, Quotung Bui, and Claire Cain Miller, told us yesterday, taking into consideration all of Bezos’ criteria for which big city to put it in, the Times says it is more than likely to be Denver.


Which means that the Mile High City, already badly congested, and led by a short bald guy named Michael B Hancock, who is Denver’s all-powerful mayor, will be even more congested.


There are construction cranes all over Denver, side by side with marijuana stores; and Hancock and the Centennial State’s Guv, John Hickenlooper, both Dems, are in favor of a foolish “cap and cover” plan to take down an aging two-mile bridge on I-70, in the heart of North Denver, put the highway in a ditch, and cover it up. There are serious environmental issues, especially air pollution issues. The interstate would be widened to ten lanes from six, and there’s an elementary school very close by. The Sierra Club represents the opponents of the cap and cover, and the matter is pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of  Columbia Circuit.


Not only that, Hancock’s Parks and Recreation Manager, “Happy” Haynes, with backing from Denver’s City Council and the mayor, has decided to cut down over two hundred trees on City Park Golf Course to put in a detention pond, on a historic golf course. The matter is in litigation led by pro bono attorney and longtime Democratic Party activist Aaron Goldhamer, with former Attorney General J.D. MacFarlane, a Park Hill resident of many years, as plaintiff.


So associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson III, a prominent Unitarian Universalist gay rights activist, told us yesterday that he’ll challenge Hancock when the mayor runs for his third term in 2019.


“I love Denver,” Thompson told us, “but it’s getting way too crowded.”


“As the mayor’s first declared opponent, and with the strong backing of First Unitarian Church of Denver and its many Democratic Party activists, I’m sure I’ll be the first openly gay mayor of Denver."


In Pyongyang, Kim III, whose rogue hermit regime has just been handed its most severe sanctions yet by the UN, was watching ESPN yesterday as the Los Angeles Chargers lost to the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium, 24-27, after rookie place kicker Younghoe Koo, 23, who was born in Seoul, missed a field goal which would have tied the game. “Because he hasn’t defected to me, I wanted him to miss,” Kim told one of his major sycophants, Pak Pong-ju, a Member of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau of the Korean Workers' Party.