On the Sixteenth Anniversary of 9/11, Trump Repeats His Lie about Muslims Celebrating Across the River in New Jersey

On the sixteenth anniversary of 9/11, a day forever sealed in the memory of the United States in particular and the world in general, Donald Trump, the most mendacious occupant of the White House ever, went on nationwide television, with associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones at his side, to repeat his lie about how, when the Twin Towers were coming down, thousands of Muslims in New Jersey were cheering.


“My fellow Americans,” Trump began, “you all know that I communicate with you through truthful hyperbole — so today, on the sixteenth anniversary of what radical Islamic terrorists did to our nation, I repeat: as the planes were destroying the World Trade Center, and as the fourth Al Qaeda plane was on its way to the Capitol, there were, not thousands, but millions, of Muslims across the Hudson River, who were celebrating!”


“Which is why I am sitting here in the Oval Office, reminding all of you once again: every Muslim anywhere in the world is a radical Islamic terrrorist! Never forget that! Which is why I will whip Tim Kaine so bad in 2020 and which is why in 2024, when I win my third term, I’m gonna beat Cory Booker so bad, he won’t win a single state in the Electoral College.”


“And let me remind you: the Electoral College is an essential part of Trump University. Trump University is the greatest university in the world!”


Although ASR Jones, who is with Trump wherever he is, is very well accustomed to his behavior, this time she interrupted him and said, “Donnie, your youngest son is only eleven years old, and he is so much more adult than you are! Shut up and go back to Trump Tower and resign! Even with Pence succeeding you, at least the Commander in Chief, although a true theocrat, will be somebody who knows something about governing!”


Once again, the Secret Service tossed Jones onto the White House lawn, where she is being ministered to by the ACLU.