In Houston, Trump Tells Flood Victims They Have to Pay For Rebuilding

Yesterday, Donald Trump visited Texas, the second time he has visited the Lone Star State since Hurricane Harvey devastated south Texas. The first time he went to Texas after the hurricane hit, he didn’t bother to meet with flood victims, but yesterday he did.


When Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012, the Lone Star State’s junior senator from the Tea Party, Ted Cruz, voted against the Garden State's request for federal aid. Now Cruz, the most unpopular member of Congress, is asking for federal funding. Cruz’ stinginess in 2012 has not been forgotten by members of Congress from the northeast.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Trump yesterday as he spoke at the First Church of Pearland, near Houston. There, he said he’s asking Congress to appropriate close to eight billion dollars for hurricane relief.


In the middle of his speech, Trump said, “Those wetbacks in Mexico won’t pay for my wall, but guess what, folks? You’re gonna have to pay for all the rebuilding needed here, since we’ve long since run out of money.”


Amid hisses and boos, Trump was escorted out of the church by the Secret Service.