Trump Will Replace Bannon With Arpaio

Now that Steve Bannon has been banished from the White House, it’s time to adjust to the right-wing chauvinist’s replacement.


Early this morning, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones found Donald Trump announcing, by Twitter of course, that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be his second Chief Strategist.


Arpaio, 85, and a Republican, was Maricopa County Sheriff for 24 years until he was finally defeated last year by Democrat Paul Penzone. Arpaio loved to describe himself as "America’s Toughest Sheriff.” Along with the current occupant of the White House, he volubly questioned President Obama’s citizenship. Arpaio is a vehement opponent of illegal immigration.


On July 31, Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt of court for violating federal court orders prohibiting him from conducting further “immigration roundups" which targeted Hispanics.


And now, his close personal friend, Donald Trump, is thinking seriously of pardoning him. And guess what? Trump is planning a big rally in Phoenix next week, obviously as a distraction from his Charlottesville woes ( Expect Trump to announce his pardon then and also to announce that Arpaio will replace Bannon, who has retreated back to his bully pulpit at Breitbart News.


In Phoenix, Arpaio told associate solitary reporter Nathaniel Richmond, “My strategy on behalf of the president will be to direct Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke to bust into every home anywhere here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, looking for illegal immigrants, and when she finds them, deport all of them to Gitmo."