Cory Booker Will Move to Colorado; Big Weed Promoter to Run for Gov of Florida

Yesterday, Sen. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) introduced a bill to legalize marijuana at the federal level. The bill is doomed to defeat because of GOP control of the Senate and because Donald Trump’s Attorney General (if he hasn’t been fired yet) is unalterably opposed to marijuana and enjoys locking up people of color with minor drug offenses (


Associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith asked Booker (who would otherwise be a good candidate to defeat Trump in 2020 if he hasn’t been impeached and convicted before then) why he introduced the legislation.


“Melissa,” Booker said, “I really don’t like living in the Garden State, so as soon as Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley rules me out of order just for introducing it, I’m moving to Denver, where there is a marijuana store on every corner.” 


Booker joins wealthy Florida Democrat John Morgan in worshipping weed. Morgan’s likely to run for governor in the Sunshine State on the marijuiana issue, on which he has been fighting the GOP-led Florida legislature for years. He has huge name recognition and, much to his credit, he is pushing a ballot initiative to increase the state’s minimum wage. See