Trump To Fail Bigtime By Trying To Make Legal Immigration Illegal, and He'll Drag McConnell Down With Him, Too


THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION, 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE — Donald Trump has once again proved that he is the master manipulator.


With McConnellCare mired in Trump’s swamp, and with Special Counsel Robert Mueller breathing down his neck, what does the Master Manipulator do?


He and his top aides, especially Stephen Miller, are engaged in a pure diversionary tactic.


It is all eloquently set forth in today’s Politico article by Eliana Johnson and Josh Dawsey, “Trump crafting plan to slash legal immigration.”


Hyper-conservative junior Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton has been working very closely with Miller. Miller represents the ultranationalist part of the West Wing, where chief strategist Steve Bannon holds sway. Miller’s plan would sharply cut legal immigration on an annual basis from one million to 500,000; and even that reduction is bitterly opposed by many Trump devotees.


While he was campaigning for the presidency last year, Trump made a lot of noise about making legal immigration Illegal. Since he hasn’t been able to carry through legislatively with any of his campaign promises, now he is destined to make himself look even more foolish, if you can imagine that (we can!).


Although business leaders are in favor of legal immigration for low-paying jobs, Trump’s base wants to return America to the way it was in the 1950s.


When associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones pointed out to Miller that the United States of America is a nation of immigrants, he stared at her in disbelief. Jones is African American. Miller and Bannon are not. So Miller grabbed her and threw her over the closest White House fence.


Jones is only 57 and is extremely strong as well as being exceptionally good-looking. She has been in the same situation more than once. She got on the phone right away with Mueller, who will charge Miller tomorrow with gross First Amendment violations. Mueller will be suing Miller and Trump under 19th century civil rights laws as well as all the District of Columbia laws pertaining to assault and battery.


Given that tomorrow Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be rolling out his newest version designed to cripple Medicaid, Mueller has decided to steal McConnell’s thunder by announcing his indictments against Miller and Trump before McConnell even wakes up. So once again, tomorrow, McConnell will be left wondering what hit him.


To get over his despair, Trump will be holding a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, in the heart of liberal democratic territory. Early indications are that Camp Randall Stadium at the University Wisconsin will be filled to overflowing. It  seats 80,321, but the organizers of the classic Trump rally have prevailed on the Badger State's Republican governor and failed presidential candidate, Scott Walker, to create a tent city to hold half a million people.


Police Chief Michael Koval, in a virtual panic, begged Wisconsin’s Democratic senator, Tammy Baldwin, for help. Unfortunately, Baldwin was forced to tell Koval that Wisconsin voted for Trump on November 8, so she is powerless to do anything about the rally.