Why Is Trump On His Way to Poland?

WARSAW — Is there some reason why, on his way to the G-20 meeting in Hamburg (where he will meet his close political friend Vladimir Putin for the first time), Donald Trump wants to go to Poland first? After all, it’s out of the way.


But a quick glance at Politico explains why. In Germany, only 11% of the country thinks that Trump will do the right thing. But in Poland, he will receive a warm welcome, and if Trump doesn’t receive adulation, he fulminates against his perceived enemies. Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party shares Donald's hostility toward accepting refugees, as well as his skepticism over multinational organizations. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the head of Law and Justice, has hailed Trump’s visit as a “new success” for Poland. Also, Poland has begun buying US liquefied natural gas in an attempt to reduce its dependence on Russia, and, as everybody knows, the Poles do not like the Russians.


Associate solitary reporters Anthony Khershonski and Foma Kheroshonsky are eagerly waiting Trump’s arrival here in Warsaw. As Poland’s president, Andrzej Sebastian Duda, explained to them, “For many years, Americans have been making fun of Polish Americans. We also know that most Americans think Trump is a very dangerous buffoon. We are here to prove them all wrong."