Mueller Hires Author Of The Case For Impeachment

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump, the most insecure man in Washington, is always eager to heap praise on himself (especially when he doesn’t deserve it), which is why he loves to describe his recent trip overseas as “a home run.”


Waiting for him, however, is Robert Mueller, the widely respected Special Counsel who has assumed the roles which Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski assumed in the prosecution of Richard Nixon’s hubris. Mueller is investigating Russia’s interference in our presidential election and Russia’s ties to Trump’s campaign. 


Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, who covers issues involving the Justice Department and our justice system for us, called us moments ago to tell us that Mueller has hired Allan Lichtman, the award-winning American University professor who wrote The Case For Impeachment. Prof. Lichtman’s book is, essentially, a strategy for making Mike Pence our next president. It was Lichtman who predicted, before November 8, that Hillary Clinton would lose the election, so Trump wrote Lichtman a note congratulating him on his prediction, ignoring the fact that Lichtman also predicted that Trump would, yes, win the election, but that he would also be impeached. The Donald did not congratulate him for that, but our team of ace reporters here at AP did.


“I totally know what I’m doing,” Mueller told Sherman, “and Allan does too. He’ll be my principal deputy.”


Sherman also reminded us that the case for impeachment grows stronger every day, now that the whole world knows that Trump asked former GOP Sen. Dan Coats, his Director of National Intelligence, and Admiral Mike Rogers, his Director of the NSA, to deny evidence of Russia’s collusion with his ruthless campaign to become, initially, the Leader of the Free World, and then its Dictator.