Comey to Run for President in 2020

With associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman at his side, former FBI director James Comey announced very early this morning that he is running for president in 2020.


As reported by Louis Nelson in today’s Politico, in his farewell letter to the FBI, Comey said, “It [his sudden firing by Donald Trump] is done, and I will be fine.”


Although his farewell letter is gracious, Comey told Sherman, “With my name recognition at an all-time high, and with public disgust at Trump and his antics boiling over, I am girding for battle.”


Sherman asked Comey, who was a Republican until last year, whether he plans to seek the Republican nomination for president.


Comey’s response was typically deliberate. “The American people are totally fed up with politics. The Republican Party is in total disarray, and as for the Democrats, they are in a civil war between the Bernies and the Hillaries. One of the reasons that Trump fired me is because he finally figured out that I am my own man.”


“In the Book of Exodus,” Comey continued, "Moses asks God for his name so he can explain to the Israelites who God is, and God responds by saying,’ I AM WHO I AM.’


“I am who I am, and I am proud to be my own man. I won’t be subservient to any political party. I will run as an independent."


When Sherman told Massachusetts’ firebrand senior senator, Elizabeth Warren, that Comey will be running for president, and as an independent, Warren said, “That’s great news for my campaign for president. Comey will get millions of votes of disaffected Trump voters. Susanna, I’m inviting you to my inauguration on January 20, 2021.”


Sherman immediately went to Burbery purchased a signature Burberry plaid dress.


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