Sessions Orders Arrest of Times' Kristof For Attacking Trump's Tax Plan; Trump Orders Radical Postponement of 100-Day Marker



April 27, 2017


After reading the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof’s article in yesterday’s  Times, “The Biggest Tax Fraud in History,” about Donald Trump’s tax reduction and enrichment plan, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told FBI director James Comey to arrest Kristof. Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman was with Sessions at the time.


Trump would lower the corporate tax rate to 15%. Dems in Congress would really, really like to see his tax returns so they could let the voters know how much richer he would be if his tax plan passes.


Sessions told Comey to charge Kristof with Disobedience to Trump. “That’s enough, just go get him,” Sessions said. “That’s how democracy works.”


Having achieved no significant legislative victories in his first 100 days in the White House, Trump ordered Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney to prepare an executive order prohibiting anyone in the media, even in Breitbart News, from assessing presidential progress using an artificial, arbitrary measuring point. Specifically, no such assessments can be made until the end of Trump’s third term.





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