Kushner Reads to Uncomprehending Trump from Hamlet; Ivanka Flees to Her Mother's Birthplace

Poor Donald Trump. He just can’t get no satisfaction or respect from the federal judiciary. Yesterday, he once again fulminated against a federal judge. This time, it was Judge William Orrick in San Francisco, who issued a nationwide injunction against a Trumpian executive order whose purpose was to eliminate funding from “sanctuary cities” — whatever they are. Politico’s Christiano Lima summed it all up in his article of today, “White House slams 'egregious’ ruling on sanctuary cities." And Louis Nelson took up the same subject in his Politico article, “Trump attacks judiciary for blocking order on sanctuary cities."


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was close by when Trump told his press lackey, Sean Spicer, to condemn Judge Orrick as “an unelected judge [who] unilaterally rewrote immigration policy for our nation.”


Trump doesn’t read much (he probably can’t even read his own tweets), so he probably has never read Hamlet, which is why he wondered what his son-in-law and principal adviser, Jared Kushner, was doing when he pulled out his copy of Shakespeare and read the speech of the gravedigger in Act V, Scene I, when the gravedigger tells Hamlet that he has just unearthed the skull of Yorick, and then Hamlet tells Horatio that Yorick was “a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times…” At which point Trump, who doesn’t like to listen to other people, promptly said, “Damn straight! That  so-called judge Orrick sure as hell is on my back! Tell Paul Ryan to get him impeached!"


Elsewhere, Trump's daughter, Ivanka Kushner, having been hissed and booed at a women’s conference in Berlin, instead of coming home to Washington, took a quick trip to the Moravian town of Zlin, where her mother, Ivana Zelníčková, was born. Though Ivanka speaks practically no Czech (her mother’s first language), Ivanka told the pilot of her private plane as it landed in Prague, “Since women in Europe brushed me off, booing and hissing me in Berlin like that, evidently they have different standards of politeness in Europe. They are so much more polite in America, where my daddykins was always so sweet to me."

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