Trump Announces His Tax Reform Plan

Today is the last day for Americans to file their tax returns. Protesters are dogging Donald Trump near Mar-a-Lago and elsewhere. Politico’s Matthew Nussbaum summed it all up yesterday with his article, “Trump getting hot and bothered by protesters: The president loves big

crowds – except when they're railing against him.” Nussbaum then reports on the massive protests against Trump for not disclosing his tax returns. 


Adamant as ever, Trump still won’t release his tax returns. As reported by Alan Rappeport in today’s New York Times, Democrats in Congress say they won’t cooperate with any tax reform legislation proposed by Trump unless he releases his tax returns, because they want to know how any changes in the world’s most complicated tax laws would benefit him personally, given his massive conflicts of interest. Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, a Wall Street guru if there ever was one, says it is highly unlikely that Trump's tax reform legislation can be passed by August, even though that seems to be the number one domestic priority in the White House now.


So today, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was surprised to see Mr. Trump walk unannounced into the White House briefing room with Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary who is the delight of John Oliver, Trevor Noah, and all other comedians.


“Sean is doing a fantastic job for me,” Trump said, “and I know I can always count on him because he defends me whether I’m right or

wrong — but I’m never wrong, see?”


“So right now, today, I’m announcing my tax reform plan.”


“Point number one: I won the election, so I don’t have to pay any taxes.”


“Point number two: if anybody thinks that I should have to pay any taxes, Mexico will do the paying, not me.”


“I gotta go now to plan my nuclear attack on North Korea, so if you have any questions — and you shouldn’t have any — Sean is the man to ask.”


All in all, it promises to be yet another boring day in and around the White House.


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