Trump's Brain Implant

Politico’s Louis Nelson commented yesterday on Donald Trump’s totally unfounded claim about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower and his continuing war against his own intelligence community (also see John McCain’s comment that he has “never seen anything like this”).


As Nelson reports, Trump has pushed back against FBI director James Comey, with spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying that Trump does not accept the assertion from Comey that President Obama did not order an illegal wiretap of Trump Tower in October.


Enter associate solitary reporter Alan Caseo, who possesses highly secret information to the effect that the Obama Administration secretly and very surreptitiously planted a device in Trump’s brain which makes him appear to act irrationally, when, in fact, he is perfectly sane and normal.


Caseo later found out that Trump plans to have emergency surgery to remove the device, and that Trump has concluded that it, not his staff, was the source of all the leaks in his administration. 


Expect  further revelations from Caseo et al. soon.

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