White House Correspondents to Be Sent to Gitmo

In a recent tweetstorm, Donald Trump informed his disenchanted followers that he will not attend the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.


Because associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones is in the White House every day, she overheard Trump’s principal (and notably unprincipled) advisor, Steve Bannon, chortling over the firestorm created by that tweet.


As Trump's Chief Sycophant, Kellyanne Conway, passed Bannon in the hallway, Bannon said, “You know what, Kellyanne?”


“What’s that?”


“All those reporters that hate us, we’re gonna send ‘em to Gitmo!”


In today’s Denver Post, Mark Matthews writes that Cory Gardner, Colorado’s junior senator and part of the GOP Senate leadership (he has to raise a lot of money to keep the Republicans in the majority in 2018), wants Trump’s lackeys to put a pause button in the mega-billionaire’s Twitter account (Gardner didn't even vote for the leader of the free world).




When Bannon found out about that, he told Conway to put Gardner on the Gitmo list, as the two went strolling arm and arm into the Oval Office to help Trump write his next tweetstorm.


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