China Gives Trump Construction Services Trademark to Kim Jongun

THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION, 1600  PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE NW, WASHINGTON — For Donald Trump, nothing is unethical if it’s something he wants.


The mega-billionaire who refuses to release his tax returns (when’s the last time he paid any?) cares about two things: money, and whether people like him.


To get more money, he asked the Chinese government years ago for a trademark for his Trump brand of providing construction services inside  China.


After he lost the election to Hillary Clinton, but managed to swagger himself into the White House because of unwise voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida, China gave him the desired trademark in early November.


Those who study governmental ethics have been raising questions for many months about Trump’s ethics, trying to figure out whether he has any. He has refused to sever his ties to his Organization completely, leaving his adult sons in charge, but still receiving income from his Organization.


Associate solitary reporter Ko Il-sun, based in Seoul, has been closely following the developing story about how Trump managed to get a trademark from a Communist country.


Delving ever deeper into the matter, Ko found that North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jongun, has managed to get his hands on Trump’s China trademark. China is virtually the only friend that North Korea has, even though it’s a strained relationship. China’s president, Xi Jinping, and Fan Changlong, the Vice Chairman of Xi’s Central Military Commission, decided to throw Kim a bone by giving him the Trump construction services trademark.


Since Trump has no National Security Advisor, he has nobody to advise him on how to deal with the boy dictator.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson doesn’t have a clue, especially since his choice for Deputy Secretary of State, Elliott Abrams, was turned down by Bannon, Priebus, Kushner & Company.


Ko’s sources inside North Korea tell him that Kim plans to use the Trump trademark for construction services to build a wall between North Korea and Russia (they share a common border of eleven miles) and, eventually, a wall between North Korea and China. That border is a mere 880 miles long.


Bannon is seriously considering hiring Kim Jongun to build Trump’s Wall between the US and Mexico.

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