Bannon Contemplates Swapping Flynn for Snowden; Putin Seems Interested

Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is paying close attention to reports that his boss’ National Security Advisor, Gen. Mike Flynn, violated the Logan Act, the 1799 law which prohibits unauthorized persons from negotiating with foreign nations with whom the United Staes has disagreements.


On December 29, Flynn had conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the US, and there are substantiated reports that the two discussed the possible lifting of US sanctions against Russia. This, of course, was while Barack Obama was still president.


And Edward Snowden, indicted for stealing US military and diplomatic secrets and turning them over to WikiLeaks, is still in Moscow.


Yesterday, ever mindful of how important it is for him to be Trump’s most important adviser, Bannon told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, “Flynn is expendable, so any time I decide he needs to be thrown under the bus, I’ll just call up Putin and tell him that I’m willing to trade Flynn for Snowden."


At the Kremlin, Putin told associate solitary reporter Sergei Kherochovski that a swap of Snowden for Flynn sounds interesting as long as it results in all US military installations in Eastern Europe being abandoned.


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