Notable Trumpian Claims at the National Prayer Breakfast

Donald Trump is beginning to figure out how our national government works.


At the annual National Prayer Breakfast this morning, Trump vowed to “repeal” the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits pastors from advocating for or against political candidates from the pulpit, unless they are willing to forgo the nonprofit status of their churches. The Johnson Amendment is named for then-Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson.


The National Prayer Breakfast is held every year at the Washington Hilton, and all influential people are expected to be there.


Only Congress can repeal the Johnson Amendment, but Trump vowed today to do it all by himself.


When Trump made his pledge to repeal the Johnson Amendment, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) became very confused because he thought that Trump was referring to some piece of legislation that he had something to do with it.


That’s when associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones noticed the senator’s confusion. The senator from the Badger State told Jones that he was very fearful that Trump was being critical of him for his fervent support of gun rights.


Seeking to recover his poise, Johnson interrupted Trump’s prayer for Arnold Schwarzenegger and offered a prayer for the brave women and men of the Seventh Fleet, because, now that Trump has offended one of our closest allies, Australia, Trump must be finding it necessary to send the Seventh Fleet all the way from its base in Yokosuka, Japan, to Sydney Harbor to insult Australia’s prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull made Trump unhappy on Tuesday by reminding him of his Christian obligation to honor an agreement made between him and President Obama to accept refugees.


Johnson was escorted out of the Hilton by another proud son of Wisconsin, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who promptly dressed him down for being an embarrassment to the GOP.


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