Queen Elizabeth Cancels Trump's State Visit

Last week in Philadelphia, British Prime Minister Theresa May invited Donald Trump to her country for a state visit, which would mean that Trump would be received by Queen Elizabeth II.


On Friday, Trump issued an executive order banning residents of seven predominantly Muslim Middle Eastern nations from entering the United States. Airports in major US cities were thrown into turmoil. The ACLU, ever alert and ready, obtained an emergency injunction from US District Judge Ann Donnelly, in Brooklyn.


After Trump released his executive order, more than one hundred thousand persons in the UK signed a petition urging May to rescind her invitation to Trump.


Associate solitary reporter Larry Theis was with the Queen earlier today as she exercised her royal prerogative of deciding who may enter her country.


After learning that Queen Elizabeth had elected to cancel the state visit, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones watched Trump’s mentor and chief strategist, Steve Bannon, as he declared that the Queen would not be welcome in Bannonland. Bannon said he looks forward to sharing vodka at the Kremlin with Vladimir Putin and Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson. 

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