How Trump Will Continue Muzzling Federal Employees

THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION, 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE NW, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Donald Trump, the presidential candidate who tweeted whenever he saw or read something he didn’t like, is very vexed that federal employees in general, and National Park Service employees in particular, are using Twitter to complain about his plans to stifle government.


The 45th president continues to use Twitter whenever something pisses him off.


In yesterday’s Politico, Nancy Scola wrote in “Federal workers’ Twitter brushfire burns Trump” that anonymous federal workers are using social media to tweak the mega-billionaire even as federal agencies, on orders from the White House, are cracking down on information-sharing.


Federal agencies are deleting tweets about climate change, and employees are required to stay quiet online —— it’s an information lockdown.


Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of Commerce, 79-year-old Wilbur Ross, has yet to be confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Trump and Ross yesterday as the pseudo-populist president met with Ross in the Oval Office.


“Wilbur,” Trump began, “I want you to buy Twitter for me and transfer it directly into your Department.” 


“Sir,” Ross replied, “what a brilliant idea! I’ll get right on it.”


“And if for some silly-ass legal reason that can't be done, may I have your permission to contact my hundreds of friends in the cybertech industry and get them to either steal Twitter or, more likely, create a social media platform which answers only to you?”  



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