Fading Fast in Florida and North Carolina, Trump Goes to Harvard to Try to Shore Up His Support with Working People

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS — With the election only two weeks away, Donald Trump seems to be sliding further and further into total political oblivion. Recent polls give the edge to Hillary Clinton in Florida and maybe even in North Carolina and Arizona. Arizona has not voted for a Democrat for president since 1952.


So what’s a poor spoiled rich guy like Donald Trump supposed to do?


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who follows Trump’s every move, spotted him earlier todayin Harvard Square. He was taken there by his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, to express solidarity with the food service workers who are on strike against Harvard.


Never smooth when it comes to ordinary working people (although, as the Great Hypocrite, he tries to pass himself off as a populist),

Trump — snarling even at the thought of being at Harvard — thought he would join the strikers to try to shore up his crumbling support with working people.


When Conway told him that the strike had been settled, Trump immediately got up on a stage and claimed credit for a successful conclusion to the strike.


Harvard’s president, Drew Gilpin Faust, promptly sent an email to the psychology department suggesting that a seminar be developed on the psychology of Trumpism.


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