Ayotte Will "Absolutely" Lose Her Senate Seat in New Hampshire; Rubio On Climate Chante

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Freshman Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R.-NH) is locked in a tight contest to hold on to her seat in the United States Senate. Her opponent is New Hampshire's popular governor, Maggie Hassan, a Democrat.


Like many Republican politicians, Ayotte — once vetted to be Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012— is greatly burdened by the presidential candidacy of a certain tempestuous real estate developer named Donald Trump.


This year, during the spring, Ayotte could never figure out what to do about Trump. She insisted that while she would “support” one of the nation's crudest entertainers, she would not “endorse” him. Nobody could figure out the difference.


On Monday, in a closely watched debate with Hassan, she was asked an easy question: Should Donald Trump be viewed as a role model for children? Her response: “Absolutely!”


Immediately, her handlers made her walk back from this obvious gaffe, but the Granite State’s GOP Chairman, Jennifer Horn, confidentially told your solitary reporter, “Kelly’s done. She absolutely blew it.”


In Florida, Little Marco Rubio, struggling to keep his own Senate seat, told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones that he absolutely adheres to the views of his climate change denying colleague in the Senate, Oklahoma’s Republican senior senator, Jim Inhofe, as his state is experiencing for massive destruction from Hurricane Matthew.

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