Why the Bush Family Has Dumped Trump

Why is Donald Trump happy today?


That’s easy. His campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, read Eli Stokols’s post today on Politico (http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/bush-family-donald-trump-228446), in which Stokols masterfully explained how President George H.W. Bush (Bush One) told a friend that he’s dumping Trump for Hillary — even though he was defeated by Bill Clinton in 1992.


This year, during the numerous GOP presidential debates, Trump mocked Jeb Bush for having “low energy,” and he took pains to point out that 9/11 had happened during the watch of George W. Bush (Bush Two).


And now Bush Two is lamenting that he may be “the last Republican president” — all because The Donald has highjacked the GOP.


Papa Bush, the former CIA Director and Vice President and then president, now 92, didn’t like that, so he told a friend confidentially that he’s voting for a Democrat for president, probably for the first time.


Former Breitbart CEO Stephen Bannon, now the Trump campaign’s CEO, told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones this morning that Trump will immediately cite the Bush family’s abandonment of his campaign as “even more evidence” that The Donald is The One True Outsider Candidate. “Mr. Trump doesn’t give a shit for the Republican establishment,” Bannon told Jones. “Our path to victory is now crystal clear.”


A spokeswoman for the Bush Family emerged from the Bush family compound at Kennebunkport and told associate solitary reporter Jane Smith that all Republicans should vote for Hillary. She then walked happily back to the compound.


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