Pence Is Out of Luck

BRONCOS COUNTRY — Yesterday, the Denver Broncos beat the Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck, 34-20.


In the fourth quarter, the Orange Crush’s all-star cornerback, Aqib Talib, intercepted a pass and, with great agility despite his relative smallness, scored a touchdown to put the Broncs ahead, 27-20.


Trump’s Veep pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, watched the game, taking a break from campaigning against the Dominion State’s Tim Kaine. Associate solitary reporter John Jones was with the governor. After yet another Broncos touchdown scored by the Denver defense, Pence tweeted Trump and said, “Sir, first thing you do, you gotta deport that Muslim terrorist Talib.”


Trump responded, “You bet I will, Mikey. What country should I deport him to?”


“Just toss him over your Wall, Sir."


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