Trump Will Buy CNN, Put Ailes In Charge

RNC HEADQUARTERS, TRUMP TOWER — Donald Trump has had enough. He’s buying CNN.


This, after his coterie of sycophants told the GOP’s new darling about Jeremy Diamond’s report on CNN, in which Diamond documented the mega-billionaire's constant taunting of the press as he upended the Party of Lincoln this election year ( 


Diamond described how Trump —— whose political star began to rise when, five years ago, he started the so-calleld Birther Movement — — has constantly vilified the press with taunts such as “disgusting,” “scum,” and “dishonest.”


When he announced on Friday what everybody has known for years — that President Obama was born in the United States — Trump showed off his new hotel in the Nation’s Capital, did not apologize for all the vitriol he has created, and refused to answer reporters’ questions about why he had finally admitted the truth. He also told yet another lie, that Hillary Clinton started the racially motivated birther movement.


Trump also said in Miami on Friday that the person best qualified for the presidency by previous experience in the last forty years should instruct her Secret Service detail to disarm themselves: “Take their guns away and see what happens.”


Yesterday in Colorado Springs his adoring followers chanted “USA,” “USA,” and “Lock her up!”


Trump’s campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, told associate solitary reporter John Jones that Roger Ailes, recently dismissed from Fox News for sexual harassment, and a close Trump adviser, will be the new CEO of CNN. 


Trump instructed Bannon to disregard any disapproval notices from the FCC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Justice Department, or the Federal Trade Commission.


Bannon refused access to details of the purchase to associate solitary reporter Jim Smith, telling him with a sneer to look for details of the purchase in Trump’s tax returns.


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