Philippines' President Challenges Trump to a Duel

MANILA — The Philippines’ new president, Rudolfo Dutarte, has challenged Donald Trump to a duel, according to an unreliable report filed by associate solitary reporter John Jones.


This, after President Obama canceled his scheduled meeting with the fiery Filipino leader after Dutarte engaged in heavy duty trash talk against Obama while Obama was attending the G-20 meeting in Hangzhou.


Dutarte’s presidency has been marked by intentional government killings of suspected drug dealers in his drug-ravaged country. More than 2,000 drug dealers and users have been killed since Dutarte launched his war on drugs after taking office on June 30. The two leaders were supposed to meet in Laos after the G-20, and Obama was expected to bring up the total lack of due process in the killings, but the White House canceled the meeting after Duarte called Obama the son of a whore. 


Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, told a solitary reporter confidentially that Trump would rather agree to the duel with Dutarte than debate Hillary Clinton.


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