Trump Blathers On About Iran Payments

PORTLAND, MAINE — The Donald has done it again.


Because Donald Trump constantly proclaims that he is The Only One who knows how to make a deal, he insists nearly every day on denouncing the agreement carefully and appropriately reached between the United States and Iran concerning Iran’s nuclear program.


Yesterday, he claimed that the US had illegally slipped $400 million to Tehran for the release of hostages, and that the Iranian government deliberately embarrassed the US by showing footage of the transfer, even though on Wednesday his spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, had made it very clear that the footage in question came from Fox News,


Observing all this with wry humor as he stood next to a solitary reporter was prominent Kurdish-Iranian musician Kayan Kalhor, a world--renowned performer on the kamanchech, a traditional Persian instrument. Kalhor Is one of the major stars in an exquisite documentary, The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble. Kalhor, who has lost family members as a result of oppressive practices by the Iranian regime, politely but firmly told Trump that President Obama is absolutely right in saying yesterday that  Trump is nothing more than a manufacturer of outrage,


Trump’s reaction was predictable: “Get them out of here, the both of them, deport the Iranian guy and the solitary reporter with him, the solitary reporter will become a hostage of the Iranians, with all that that means!"


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