Trump Will Pick Pence

RNC HEADQUARTERS, TRUMP TOWER — The presumptuous GOP presidential nominee, always the entertainer, and always craving to be the center of attention, will announce his choice of a running mate on Friday.


On Tuesday, The Donald appeared at a rally in Indianapolis with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.


While Trump’s influential son-in-law, Jared Kushner, favors Newt Gingrich and is vigorously opposed to Christie, Trump’s chief strategist, Paul Manafort, and several of the Trump children, prefer Pence.


We predict that Pence will get the nod, because the governor is running for reelection, and under Indiana law, if he becomes the vice presidential nominee, he is not allowed to continue his race for reelection, and the Hoosier State’s GOP Central Committee would choose his successor; that decision must be made by Friday.


On rare occasions, your solitary reporter concludes that Trump possesses a small amount of political sense, so why would the mega-billionaire want to pick Christie, who is wildly unpopular in the Garden State, when he can select Pence, who is in tight with the Tea Party, rose to prominence as a GOP congressman from Indiana, possesses executive experience, and who has been frequently mentioned as a likely candidate for the presidency?


In 2012, the solitary reporter correctly predicted that Romney would tap Paul Ryan as his Veep.


On the other hand, Trump might pick Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, whom he admires.


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