Trump's Account With Mossack Fonseca

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA — Today’s New York Times provides us with more information about the revelations in the Panama Papers.


In the article, written by Eric Lipton and Julie Creswell, it is revealed that Mossack Fonseca, the Panama-based law firm, helped at least 2,400 American-based clients hide their wealth in shadowy offshore accounts.


So your solitary reporter immediately found himself here in Panama City, where a reluctant employee of Mossack Fonseca showed him what the solitary reporter had already guessed was there.


Locked in a nearly inaccessible vault was a file showing that a certain mega-billionaire with residences in Trump Tower and the Mar-A-Lago Club is a client of Mossack Fonseca.


Now we know why Donald Trump won't release his tax returns.


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