Trump's Albuquerque Rally

ALBUQUERQUE –  Always craving the limelight, presumptuous GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump held a rally at the Albuquerque Convention Center yesterday, knowing full well that protesters would be present.


And they were, in force.


The demonstrators interrupted Trump three minutes after the megabillionaire began his rant, holding up signs informing the sorta Republican that he is a fascist. Trump responded with his usual polite comment, “Go home to Mommy," and he accused one teenager of wearing diapers. The event quickly turned into a riot.


Gov. Susana Martinez, the Chair of the Republican Governors Association, was careful to stay away. During the primary cycle, she endorsed the junior senator from Florida (does anybody remember who that was?). She has made it clear that Trump’s idea for a wall on the US-Mexico border is a non-starter.


So Trump responded in kind, when, referring to the governor, he said “We gotta get her moving,” adding later that Syrian refugees are being brought to New Mexico, and that if he were the governor, such a thing would not happen. He then announced that he might run for governor of New Mexico.


Accompanied by a solitary reporter, New Mexico GOP Chairman John Billingsley said, “No way! We’ll deport him to Antarctica rather than even let him into our state."


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    Josep O'Brien (Saturday, 28 May 2016 02:27)

    The guy from FL was the guy with same hands. Can't remember his name, but he lives in FL. It would be easy to track him down. You could do lines ups of all males and when asking them to step forward have them raise their hands for inspection. Just would take a little time.