Trump To Demand The Abolition of the IRS

TRUMPVILLE –  As he vainly seeks to unify the Grand Old Party (a party which hasn’t had any decent ideas since 1909), mega-billionaire Donald Trump, whose only claim to having done anything worthwhile is that he has made himself extremely rich by building casinos where people can waste their time and lose their money, a solitary reporter observed him poring over Ted Cruz’ position statements during this year’s presidential campaign (which began the day after President Obama was reelected).


Trump, whose egotism is matched only by his ignorance of just about anything, doesn’t want to release his income tax returns.


One can only wonder why. Is it because he isn’t as filthy rich as he claims to be?


Isn’t the solution for him obvious?


Shouldn’t he just adopt Cruz’ position that the IRS should be abolished?


So the solitary reporter asked his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and his chief strategist, Paul Manafort, what their candidate wants to do with the IRS.


Lewandowski and Manafort pointed the solitary reporter to Melania’s husband’s position statement on tax reform. The position statement has a lot of numbers in it.


Our associate solitary reporter, John Jones, agressed himself into Cruz’ Senate office, and asked the most unpopular Senator ever to parade himself around the United States Capitol what Trump should do about the IRS.


Responding directly to Jones’ question, Cruz told Jones that he hopes Trump will go down in flames. “Then in 2020, I will whip Hillary’s butt so bad that she will never know what hit her.”


Manafort, who is now Trump’s only hope to defeat Hillary in November, told the solitary reporter that the only way to persuade the millions of benighted Republican voters who supported the Tea Party senator from Texas to vote for Trump, would be to adopt Cruz’ position that the IRS should be abolished.


Robby Mook, who is Hillary’s campaign manager, is waiting breathlessly for Trump to weasel himself around to Cruz’ position.


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