Will Trump's Campaign Have To Declare Bankruptcy?

The unlikely presidential campaign of Donald Trump has taken an interesting turn.


Trump loves to lambaste the Republican Party establishment, and he wants to boot Paul Ryan out as Chairman of the GOP Convention in July. But, as explained by top-ranked political reporter Maggie Haberman and her colleagues in today’s New York Times, Trump, the mega-billionaire who spent some $40 million defeating all his rivals in the Republican Party and the Tea Party to become the de facto Republican nominee, has virtually no infrastructure in place to support his campaign to defeat Hillary. The fat cats who supported John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 are sticking to the sidelines. The notorious Koch Brothers and their Tea Party allies are focusing on trying to keep the Senate in Republican hands. At this point, the DNC is better equipped financially to mount its campaign against Trump.


Desperate, Trump called a solitary reporter and asked for advice (why he would call the solitary reporter remains a mystery, which only Trump’s psychiatrist would be able to explain, and that’s off-limits). The solitary reporter’s response was swift and to the point: “It’s easy, Donald. Just declare that your inane campaign is bankrupt, both morally and financially, go home to Mommy, build a casino underneath your damn tower, stay underground for the rest of your pitiful life, and endorse Hillary.”


“It’ll be hard at first, but you’ll feel better eventually.”


Trump’s response cannot be printed here.


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