The Nation's Biggest Whiner Lambasts Colorado GOP's Delegate Selection Process in the WSJ

On April 11, we reported on how Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) has captured all 34 of Colorado’s delegates to the Republican National Convention, after front-runner Donald Trump assumed that he could bluster his way through Colorado’s complicated caucus system for selecting delegates. Trump had assumed that everybody in Colorado would drop everything they were doing, register as Republicans even if they were not, go to their caucus, get elected as delegates to the GOP State Convention, and then vote at their state convention for a man who continually disgraces himself in front of large mobs of people who are ignorant and proud of it, and who has not the slightest inkling of how to conduct foreign policy in a complicated and dangerous world.


Now, The Donald has blasted the Colorado GOP in the Wall Street Journal:


Seems that Trump is, as we always thought, a spoiled brat, brash, with no self-understanding at all, and a really sore loser. As David Brooks recently said, he acts like a four year old.


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