Little Marco Leaves Little Havana For Havana

HAVANA — Little Marco, who is very popular in Little Havana, is in Havana with President Obama.


After he was trounced by Trump the Obnoxious last week in the GOP primary in Florida, Rubio dropped out of the GOP presidential race, and, a few days later, had a conversion experience.


“There used to be such a thing as conservative Southern Democrats, until Lee Atwater came up with the Southern Strategy,” Rubio explained to his wife, Colombian-American Jeanette Dousdebes Rubio. “But now the South’s deep red. It’s high time that the Democratic Party tilt itself back to what it was like under Woodrow Wilson.”


“And you know, I'm really [pissed off] at Trump.”


“That’s why I accepted President Obama’s invitation to accompany him, along with my close personal friend in the Senate Republican Caucus, Jeff Flake, you know, from Arizona, and Congressman Tom Emmers, another Republican friend of mine who represents the same sixth Congressional District in Minnesota which that Superpatriot, Michele Bachmann, held.”


Girding his loins, Rubio reminded a solitary reporter, who is also now in Havana with the president, that he had repeatedly vowed to update the US military so it can continue to intervene militarily anywhere in the world, whether the generals agree with that or not.


“I also firmly believe that I would be the best Secretary of Defense under Hillary Clinton, but to get to that point, I need to become a Democrat.”


In the presence of a solitary reporter, Rubio, who is well-known in the Senate for being nothing but talk on defense matters, explained all this in Spanish to President Obama who, however, once he heard Rubio’s comment in translation, snickered and told his wife, FLOTUS Michelle Obama, that it was the funniest thing that he had heard since the White House Correspondents' Dinner last April.

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