Nikki Haley's Problem

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA – South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has a problem.


It has to do with the Palmetto State’s GOP presidential primary on Saturday.


All the Republican presidential candidates who are still standing want her endorsement, except for one. That’s because the one guy who consistently leads the polls is a guy that she absolutely doesn’t like for president. In the meantime, Haley has endorsed no one.


A solitary reporter is wondering whether, the next time Donald Trump opens his mouth, he will say that Haley is… [You fill in the rest].


Haley, who endorsed Mitt Romney for president in 2012, is on the short list for vice president, to run with whomever GOP chooses. But don’t expect Trump to pick her.


The South Carolina primary was created in 1980 as a “firewall” to protect presidential candidates who have done well in both the Iowa caucus and the first in the nation New Hampshire presidential primary.


Democratic Party operatives in South Carolina are in the process of creating huge anti-Trump banners, loudly proclaiming “Trump’s A Liar, His Pants Are on Fire!"


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