#BlackLivesMatter Leader Has Polite Conversation With Carson 

DES MOINES — On Saturday, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, campaigning in early primary state South Carolina, said he is still waiting to see evidence of racial bias by police forces in the United States.

Carson was asked about cases of alleged police misconduct, including several in which African Americans were killed by police or died in custody. The retired neurosurgeon said that he is not aware of cases where police officers have treated black people unfairly based on skin color. Carson and Donald Trump are leading in the polls in the 2016 GOP presidential nominating process. All this was reported by Associated Press.

This took Black Lines Matter leader Nekima Levy-Pounds by surprise. Levy-Pounds, 39, is an American lawyer, professor, activist, writer, and preacher. She is the president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP. She is an associate professor of law at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis.

Levy-Pounds and a solitary reporter met with Carson early this morning at the Mars Café on University Avenue here in Des Moines. The popular Mars Café entrances its customers with its space-themed ambience.

Levy-Pounds began by asking the leading GOP presidential candidate, “Brother, did you really say that shit in South Carolina?”

To which Carson demurred, saying “Young lady, of course I did. I have never had problems with police because my mother raised me to respect authority.”

Immediately, a barista brought Carson a space suit for him to wear at his next campaign appearance. The solitary reporter and Levy-Pounds, assisted by the barista, thrust Carson into the space suit. Carson took all this in stride, but complained that the space suit prevented him from drinking his latte.

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