Trump Buys NBC

TRUMP TOWER, MANHATTAN – Earlier today, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus, pretending to be outraged at CNBC over Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, told NBC (CNBC’s parent) that he is cancelling the next scheduled CNBC presidential debate (for February).

So Donald Trump, with a solitary reporter at his side, purchased NBC outright. Trump had previously purchased “only” CNBC (see our post of October 16).

Now that Trump owns NBC, it is clear that John Harwood will not be moderating the February debate. Instead, Harwood will be a permanent member of Gwen Ifill’s weekly Washington Week In Review on PBS.

The moderator for the CNBC February debate will be Melania Trump, The Donald’s 45-year-old Slovenian supermodel third wife.

The solitary reporter and his associate solitary reporter, Lewis Thompson, are hard at work scripting Mrs. Trump’s script for the February Trump-CNBC debate.

Elsewhere, John McCain vociferously approved of President Obama’s about-face on troops on the ground in Syria.

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