Jeb Chases Supergirl In Boulder

BOULDER, COLORADO – The former Gov of Florida  — the state which, by one Supreme Court vote, gave his brother the presidency in

2000 – the Very Man who wants to be Bush Three, but who has not been doing too hot in the polls recently — was spotted moments ago  by a solitary reporter looking for Supergirl Melissa Benoist.

The third GOP presidential debate will be held here on the University of Colorado campus at the Coors Events Center this evening.

Last week at a forum in Nevada, Jeb, 62, discussed serious issues for an hour, and then, for fun, was asked who his favorite Marvel superhero is.

“I was working out,” Jeff explained, “and I saw an ad for Supergirl, and she looked pretty hot.”

Benoist, the twenty-something former “Glee” star who plays Supergirl in the show, and who grew up in Colorado, when asked about Jeb’s comment about her looks, told our associate solitary reporter, Lewis Thompson, that she is not a Republican, but that she thinks that “Definitely, Ben Carson is a lot cuter than Jeb.”

When the solitary reporter finally caught up with Jeb, he was holding hands with his wife, Columba, who was whispering in his ear, advising him to think about pulling the plug on his not so hot race.

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