ON THE DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN TRAIL — Earlier today, Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig announced on George Stephanopoulos’ “This Week” that he is running for president somewhat to the left of non-Democrat Bernie Sanders as a candidate of the Democratic Party.

Lessig, a native of Rapid City, South Dakota, is a fervent proponent of campaign finance reform. He seeks to make use of dedicated citizen activism at the state level to call for a Second Constitutional Convention.

The United States has never gone back to the drawing boards with a second constitutional convention since the first Constitutional Convention in 1787.

Both the Tea Party and left-leaning Democrats such as Lessig acknowledge that money plays far too great a role in American politics.

This morning, Professor Lessig told Stephanopoulos that, if elected, he would resign and turn power over to his vice president as soon as he is able to sign effective campaign finance reform legislation and election reform legislation.

Numerous names have already been mentioned in the blogosphere as to whom Lessig might select to be his running mate.

“The vice president has to be consistent with the values of the Democratic Party," Lessig told Stephanopoulos when asked whom he might pick for his running mate, “and I’m very much committed to having a candidate who could excite the Democratic base.”

A poll on Lessig’s campaign website allows supporters to vote on whom he should pick. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg appeared on the list, as well as every other announced Democratic presidential candidate except Lincoln Chafee. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/09/lawrence-lessig-2016-presidential-run-213376#ixzz3l0UqQviS.

As Lessig left the ABC Studio after the interview, a solitary reporter handed him his business card and urged him to become a subscriber to this electronic newspaper, “Your Best Source for the News That Didn’t Happen.”

The geeky professor promptly agreed, saying “SR, if you ever say anything nice in your blog about Donald Trump, I will unsubscribe you immediately.”

No vice president has ever been elected to that office who has been a resident of the same state as the presidential nominee.

Reached at her office in the Senate by our associate solitary reporter, Lewis Thompson, Warren said she will immediately move to the District of Columbia as a signal to Lessig that she wants him to tap her to save the country.

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