WASHINGTON — In today’s Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky predicts a Democratic Party bloodbath when Joe Biden jumps into the presidential race; http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/08/25/hillary-vs-biden-would-get-ugly-fast.html?utm_source=Wiretap&utm_campaign=bd4174bbb3-_coleg_notebook_email&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_90b0ca975b-bd4174bbb3-31993217.

As Tomasky notes, millions of Democratic women say it’s Hillary’s turn.

But he goes further: he predicts that, after last week’s private but publicized meeting between Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) and the Vice President, Biden, if nominated, would tap Warren to be his running mate. He might even announce his veep pick next month when he does jump in, if he does.

This caused a solitary reporter to call Housing and Urban Development Secretary and former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who, most pundits predict, will be Hillary’s vice president.

Unfortunately, Castro declined to take the solitary reporter’s call, but his executive assistant explained that the Secretary is spending 120% of his time convincing homebuilders and mayors to provide housing for the homeless.

Elsewhere, in Carroll County, New Hampshire, a jubilant Bernie Sanders addressed a crowd of 20,000 gathered in the solitary reporter’s field in Tamworth. All of those attending promised to vote for Bernie to upset Hillary on February 9.

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