JEB: "Everybody should work more hours"

July 9, 2015


ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL IN NEW HAMPSHIRE — Yesterday, in an interview with one of the most right-wing newspapers in America, The New Hampshire Union Leader, the man who wants to be Bush Three said that what America needs is for everybody to work longer hours.


Guess what? He was immediately criticized by knowledgeable folks who are well aware that what this country does not need is for the overworked and underpaid to work longer hours.


The former governor of Florida immediately backtracked, saying that part-time workers should work longer hours.


But the damage had already been done.


A solitary reporter, who knows a thing or two about people in northern New Hampshire who have to cobble odd jobs together to make ends meet, banged on the door of the Union Leader and told its publisher, Joseph McQuaid, “Sir, you deserve a lot of credit. You have just lost the election for Jeb."


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