NEW YORK — After putting his finger to the wind, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told a solitary reporter here at NFL headquarters that at Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, the NFC’s Seattle Seahawks will face the AFC's Indianapolis Colts.

Goodell’s decision came after well-known cheater Bill Belichick and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady pretended that they knew nothing about 11 out of 12 game balls being deflated at last Sunday’s championship game between the Patriots and the Colts.

The solitary reporter thanked Goodell for tipping him off about his decision ahead of everybody else, as he is headed today to Tucson. “On my way there, Commissioner,” the solitary reporter said, “I’ll let all the fans who are already camped out at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale know. They will all be very happy to see that justice is being done.”

After hearing this heartening news, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck told the solitary reporter that it was “a lot more than just bad luck" that his team lost last Sunday to the Patriots, 7-45.

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