TAMWORTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE – As he watched his New England Patriots whack the Denver Broncos today at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, Secretary of State John Kerry, who lost to Bush Two in 2004 after he was tubed by the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," pondered ways to save New Hampshire’s senior senator, Jeanne Shaheen, from a frontal assault by former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown.

At last report, on September 9 (see our post of that date) Brown had been chased to the top of iconic Mount Chocorua, New Hampshire, by a solitary reporter. Brown, who hopes that his good looks and the prospect of upsetting Shaheen can propel him to the White House in 2020, running against Hillary Clinton, followed the solitary reporter to his home at the foot of the mountain, and begged the solitary reporter for advice on how to persuade the 2,856 residents of the Town of Tamworth to cast their votes for him on Tuesday.

Kerry is a loyal Democrat who longs for a Senate which might ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, a multilateral treaty adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1996, signed by the United States but rejected by the Senate in 1999. During his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama said that “As president, I will reach out to the Senate to secure the ratification of the CTBT at the earliest practicable date." During his campaign against Shaheen, Brown has repeatedly criticized President Obama’s foreign policy, saying that the president has been weak and ineffective.

Immediately after the Patriots’ victory, Kerry was whisked away to Tamworth in a DNC limousine, accompanied by the solitary reporter. When Kerry asked the good residents of Tamworth whether they would like to live in a world free of the testing of nuclear weapons, they all, to a woman and a man, said Yes and promised that they would vote for Shaheen. The solitary reporter asked his neighbors in Tamworth for their views as to whether former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush should run for president in 2016. Fully aware that then Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis should have been elected president in 1988, they unanimously said that two Bushes was two too many.

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