RADIOLAND — In the last few days your solitary reporter has noticed that the Republicans are attacking the Democrats for their support of the Affordable Care Act less and less, primarily because it’s now working, and, salivating at their collective mouths to win the Senate, the Republicans have turned instead to the most potent political weapon of all: Fear.


The solitary reporter was listening to NPR yesterday, and heard Dallas-based NPR reporter Wade Goodwyn’s report on the new strategy. Included in his report was a direct quote from Rush Limbaugh, always the go-to guy for attacking political liberals, who recently told his listeners that a substantial segment of political conservatives in the United States believe that political liberals are convinced that the Ebola crisis threatens our shores as retribution for the evils of slavery. This is what Limbaugh said:


“There are people in this country who believe that this [the Ebola crisis] is ultimately traced back to us; because of our slavery we kind of deserve a little bit of this. Make no mistake, that is leftists’ politically correct thinking. The danger we have now is that we’ve elected people who think this.”


Not to be outdone, Michael Savage, who boasts 3.5 million listeners on his weekly radio talk show, has renamed President Barack Obama “President Obola.” 


After listening to Goodwyn’s report yesterday on NPR, the solitary reporter wondered out loud whether Limbaugh should be encouraged to visit Liberia’s president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to invite her to travel to Limbaugh’s studio for a recorded interview. But then the solitary reporter realized that Limbaugh either thinks that there never was slavery in the United States, or that all the slaves were happy in their work on the plantations.


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