DENVER — Earlier today, at Denver’s Merchandise Mart, a solitary reporter (who litigated his first OSHA cases on behalf of the Secretary of Labor in Idaho in 1972) walked into the annual Tanner Gun Show, the biggest gun show south of Idy-hoe, and naively asked where he could buy a popgun to demonstrate his marksmanship. Founded in 1964, the Tanner Gun Show brings together over seven hundred vendors.


Bounced at the entrance by burly Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher whose gunbuddies earlier this year faced off U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials trying to enforce federal court orders against him, the solitary reporter tried to file a complaint against the Tanner Gun Show’s operators with Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, the “Honey Badger” who came in third in Colorado’s June 24 gubernatorial primary. Gessler, an attorney who wakes up every morning relishing the opportunity to disenfranchise as many low-income voters as possible, compiled such an impressive record of boosting the GOP’s chances of winning elections in the Centennial State, leaves office in January, and thirty-year old Joe Neguse, a Regent of the University of Colorado, the son of refugees from Eritrea and the winner of the 2010 Rising Star Award of the Colorado Democratic Party, will succeed Gessler in November in his race against El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams, a former Chair of the El Paso County Republican Party, who promises to do his best to continue Gessler’s legacy. 


Gessler, who, improbably, lives in densely populated Capitol Hill in Denver, immediately dismissed the solitary reporter’s complaint because he had only recently, on July 31, held a fund raiser at his Denver home for Neguse [pronounced N’Goose].


From his office in Colorado Springs, Williams issued orders to El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa to stop the solitary reporter from entering El Paso County. But Maketa told Williams he is too busy fighting allegations of sexual improprieties, and can’t be bothered.


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